Curing Repetitive Stress Injury with Reflexology

Repetitive Strain Injury is a problem that affects much of society, from office workers to console gamers. Even reflexologists can suffer from the affliction, as they are forever using the same muscles in their hands. Insurance companies are forced to pay out billions of pounds in claims due to the problem, with seemingly no definitive cure.

However, Reflexology is gaining prominence in the treatment of Repetitive Strain Injury, with many sufferers claiming their symptoms have completely disappeared after only one course of treatment.

Reflexology works by the premise of zone therapy. In essence, this means that there are many ‘zones’ on a person’s feet that correspond to different areas of the body. For example, the major organs are situated around the middle of the foot, while the eyes and ears are around the toes. The practitioner will identify what area the body the Repetitive Strain Injury is affecting and begin to work on the corresponding area of the foot (for example the shoulder is near the top below the toes).

The reflexologist will find blocks and abnormalities in the corresponding area of the foot, and will use a variety of finger techniques to clear the problem. While this is happening, the patient will feel some pain; this is a positive affect because the block is being ‘worked out’ and in the coming days the patient should feel a significant decrease in the symptoms they were experiencing previously.

Reflexology can help in a number of other conditions, such as back pain. The treatment is also thought to be very relaxing, with people having treatments solely for this purpose. This is especially true of cancer patients who are seeking to reduce the pain and side effects of conventional treatments, such as chemotherapy.

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