What is the current advice on types of exercises that are ok to do?

Question: What is the current advice on types of exercises that are ok to do. I’ve been advised to use the gym equipment which seems to make my problem worse. but how about swimming with the head under the water.  It tried yoga but all the movements involved the neck or using your arms to support your body weight in some way. what is the view on this?

Answer 1: I tried swimming and can heartily recommend it to you. To have a real training effect you should do it at least twice a week. Crawl and back-stroke are the best styles for the back. Breast-stroke is not to recommend. Don’t overdo it in the beginning but start slowly. After swimming my hands (and all my body) felt much better.

Answer 2: I have also found swimming very helpful. Crawl and backstroke are excellent. Treading water is also helpful and is a good way to begin.

Answer 3: I’m sorry I repeated what you said about backstroke, I’m in a bit of a rush.  I’m glad you warned against breast-stroke. It’s risky.

That would depend on the gym equipment. I would only use a tread-mill and one that didn’t require me to grip with my hands. It’s probably best to avoid them.

The best advice on yoga is to do only the movements that are OK for you. A good yoga teacher will look out for that. The standing movements might be best. I don’t go to yoga classes any more as I couldn’t do most of the movements… . Stretches, callanetics — using only the movements that are OK for you — the Alexander technique (expensive) are all possibilities. As walking is so good for so many things, I do maximize on that plus not staying in one position for too long.

I saw the other letters to you. I agree that your “complaint” wasn’t that appropriate. I no longer have a job and may not for a while, so I can space my work and I happened to be on-line early (before cheap-rate calls, that is) today. So I could reply.

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