DDA/Employment Law Advice Request

Question: I am very worried about the way my employers are treating me:-( I very much want to remain in my present job, and hopefully they will make reasonable adjustments so I can do so 🙂  However, IF the worst should happen, does anyone have first-hand knowledge of a disability act/employment law lawyer who really knows his/her stuff, preferably in south-east London/Central London/ or the Kent/SE London border, who takes on no-win, no-fee cases?

(My employers have access to a great deal of expert legal advice.) If anyone does, could they please let me know ASAP?  At the moment I just need some expert advice for myself as to what my rights are, IN CASE I need to know. Hopefully it won’t be necessary, but I understand you have to be pretty quick about putting in a complaint – time limit is just three months I believe, so I’d like to be prepared.  I have quite a horror story of my treatment since developing RSI/WRUBLD;

I’d really like to find out if others on the list have been treated in the same way, but I hope you’ll all appreciate I can’t be more forthcoming at a time when delicate negotiations are under way with employers.

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