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Question: As some of you will remember I have often been on the look-out for a decent book holder. Enter “book chair(TM)”. One glance at an ad in “London Student” & I had to have one. (To be honest, I ordered 3: 1 for work, 1 for home & 1 for a friend)!
When on an Open U. course Gary Lancet developed back & neck problems but found it difficult to purchase an inexpensive book holder which could handle thick books as well as A4 sheets. His mini deckchair for books has a solid lacquered beech frame and fabric in a choice of five colors. I’ve been able to use it to read in bed, at the computer, No; I don’t have shares in his new invention (unfortunately). Mention me (at least for now) and he’ll sell at 15.00 UKP +2.50 UKP P&P each in the UK, discounted postage, at least, for larger orders.

Answer 1: I’ve been to the web page and I agree it looks great. But what holds the book open? It looks like it’s just a couple of little weights, and I always find books (big, heavy books) just close up on that sort of weight. How big a book have you found it works with?

Answer 2: *Thank goodness*. Thank you very much indeed, Celia. With luck it would work as a lecture notes lectern a continuing problem.  As well!

Answer 3: Yes, and can be carried around because of its light weight. I tried it out on a couple of my students who have bad backs and other joint problems. Both love it and find it small and hardy enough to take to the library as well.

Answer 4: The book is held open by two thick wooden sticks, I guess you’d call them. Each support stick is approximately 11 mm by 60 mm and about 5 mm thick. They have rounded ends, and are attached via Phillips head screws which go completely through the book ledge & are counter-sunk. This allows you to change the angle at which they meet a page & have therefore made it easy for me to use it successfully with books as small as a thick Collins Gem Dictionary & as large as a typical Anatomy & Physiology text book. When I get home I’ll e-mail a shot of how I used it with a VERY chunky Computer help guide (ie, over 1,000 pages and about B4 in page dimension).

Answer 5: Thanks, that would be great. It’s mostly the biggest books that I have problems with they’re just too heavy to hold without causing pain. It sounds like this little deckchair thingy might be the answer I’ve been looking for.

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