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Question: My doctor needs to make a report to my employer soon. We are doing it in collaboration. The rheumatologist diagnosed me as having overuse syndrome. I was wondering if anybody has comprehensive, important sounding, definitions and descriptions of OOS also known as RSI.

Answer 1: I’ve got any number of definitions and descriptions of RSI. The problems are that a) they go on for pages, and I’m not able to type them in; and b) they don’t end up sounding very important or official or medical. I mean, that’s the whole problem with RSI, isn’t it — medical people expect definitions in terms of measurable damage to organs or tissues, and RSI, or at any rate diffuse RSI, is still defined in terms of symptoms and (presumed) causation.

Answer 2: It sounds like you would benefit from the excellent book “Repetitive Strain Injury, A Computer User’s Guide” by Emil Pascarelli, MD, and Deborah Quilter. It is the best book I know of in English, and probably in any other language. A good general web site on RSI is I am the ergonomics person for a large American company and I give copies of that book to any of our employees who is having a serious problem – as well as making sure their workstation is optimal and they understand how to use it.

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