Dental Hygienists With RSI

Question: I am a dental hygienist suffering from occupational overuse syndrome aggravated by a bicycle accident four years ago. My first mistake was to work and work some more through PAIN until it got worse. Along with severe shoulder pain my hands now get numb, swell and turn purple. When this happened I felt it was time to INSIST not to work.I have had an MRI, nerve conduction tests, x-rays and achromioplast surgery.

Thankfully my orthopaedic surgeon believes me and sent me to a plastic surgeon specializing in Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I’m waiting for surgery to repair a torn pec minor which hopefully relieves the thoracic outlet. My GP seems to look at me like I’ve got horns coming out of my head. I have the feeling, since I don’t have a bone sticking out and not gushing blood, she feels there is nothing wrong. I work for the government and they want statistics.

They don’t seem to want to take my specialist’s word for it. Does anyone have any stats on dental hygienists with repetitive strain injuries? Or, can point me in the appropriate direction? I’d appreciate the help.

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