Depression Due To Cut-Backs

Question: What do you all do about depression because you have to cut back on things you like to do?

Answer 1: Go running!!  In general, find something else for your *mind* to get on with while the body takes a rest. If like me, your head was full of “work things” when the RSI kicked in (hhmm, coincidence?) it will soon benefit from some new (or revisited) activities.

Answer 2: I’d second this. Running is one of the few things that keep me anywhere near sane. It’s a case of “ok, my hands aren’t great, but at least my legs still co-operate!” I find the idea of being “disabled” gets me down, but knowing that I can run for 40 minutes gives me back some sense of control. It might all be psychosomatic.

But I also get some pain relief out of it (interestingly, my posture’s much better running than at my desk) that said, cutting back on things you like to do _is_ depressing. I still get tearful when holding my boyfriend’s hand hurts (and no, I’m not trading him in for a more ergonomic model!)

Answer 3: I will third that. Running gets those endorphins – happiness chemicals – going again.  Swimming (with face in water – well not all the time, obviously you need to breathe) has been my savior. Especially breast stroke: the arm movement contains one of the stretches my physio’s given me to do (check that one out though). I feel disgustingly happy all day when I’ve begun it with a top speed swim . . .  Dancing – with all sorts of hand/arm stretches combined – make it as silly as possible. You may catch yourself laughing.

Best in the privacy of your own home.  Trust in the process of having RSI. You have it for a reason (as someone else was hinting). Turn the situation to your advantage and do things you would never have done if you had been OK.

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