Diabetes And RSI Whole Load Of Tests

Question: The rheumatologist I saw about my RSI thought I’d recovered. But he did do a whole load of tests including blood tests to exclude “other conditions” — which were all excluded.  If I can manage to get a referral back to him (which is a big if) I’ll ask him about diabetes: he’s very friendly and I’m sure he’d tell me about the tests. I don’t think asking my GP would help — a pity as he tends to be very well up on things.

Answer: I am not medically qualified – I have done a lot of reading and ask a lot of questions. Please do not take this as “gospel”!  I have been told that diabetes and coeliac disease are linked – maybe via the same gene. I have coeliac disease and also am borderline diabetic – type 2 – late onset. Now I have been told by more than one doctor that there is NO evidence that coeliac disease predisposes anyone to get RSI.

BUT once there is an injury then the CD will accelerate and accentuate that injury as well as delaying healing.  It is also interesting (well to me!) that the diet recommended for joint mobility problems such as frozen shoulder and rheumatic/arthritic spine etc is a basic gluten and dairy free diet. I don’t know if this works and would strongly suggest that a dietician is consulted before going on to such a restrictive diet. I have to follow such a diet and it isn’t easy.

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