Does anyone else believe their RSI is connected in some way to their diabetes?

Question: About 3 months ago I was diagnosed as a Type II diabetic. This is currently controlled by diet and medication. I also joined an internet support list/group for people with diabetes.  When I was first diagnosed, a family member said she thought I could actually have had it for 7 or 8 years because the diagnosis explained several of those niggling-type health problems that seem to come out of nowhere with no real explanation. Interestingly, she said it also explained why I had started to get RSI symptoms in my right arm.

At the time this comment kind of went over my head – I was too much in shock from the diagnosis. However, this morning, someone on the diabetes support list posted a message about frozen shoulder being linked to both Type I and Type II diabetes.  Does anyone out there know of any research being done in this area? Or does anyone else believe their RSI is connected in some way to their diabetes?

Answer 1: I haven’t got diabetes, at least at the moment but my mother and her other 9 siblings all have diabetes as did my father’s father and one of my uncles.

Answer 2: I’m diabetic and I have RSI. However I’d be surprised if it turned out that there was a link between the two.  Having said that, I also have Dupuytren’s Contracture, a condition that is often lumped in with various RSI conditions (it’s mentioned in the Pascarelli and Quilter book), and my diabetic consultant told me that there *is* an increased incidence of this condition in diabetics but, as far as he knew, no-one yet knows why.

Answer 3: Ii have been a type 1 diabetic for 27 years. When I started work at general motors of Canada I developed trigger finger 18 months after starting. Since I have had 2 fingers surgically released on my left hand and 3 on my right and I am going for more surgery to have my last finger and thumb done next week. The hand specialist says diabetics are prone to this problem but if I didn’t do repetitive work I most likely wouldn’t have it.

GM with its past 3 years of record profits in this country makes no effort to rectify these types of problems because they won’t invest the money .it’s their view that you are just a number don’t know of any research but please let me know if you find out anything, thanks


Does anyone else believe their RSI is connected in some way to their diabetes? — 1 Comment

  1. I am type 2 diabetic. Have worked at Tyson Foods for over 3 years. I have developed carpal tunnel and a pinched ulner nerve. Tyson’s will do nothing to rectify the situation. My doctor states that being diabetic has no bearing on rsi’s. I now have a lawyer.

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