Diet, Fitness And RSI

Question: Could you explain how you find diet and a fitness routine help with the RSI?

Answer : First, I’m not as fit as should be, but I’m working on it. I reckon that your body can cope far better with illness (and the stress of everyday life) if it is in good shape. And that means exercise and decent food slouching on the sofa with a beer isn’t the answer, sadly.   Actually, I’ve been reading a book called 100% health, which is a bit way-out but has some interesting ideas. Has anyone on the list found specific foods or supplements a help?

Also, part of the cause of some types of RSI is sitting in one place repetitive strain injury can be a misnomer; it may be due to quite the opposite lack of movement, i.e. keeping your arms (and the rest of your body) in an unnatural position for long periods. Getting out walking or cycling allows me to get my limbs moving in different ways. Some people go swimming for the same reason.

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