Difficulties with writting

Question:  I’ve got myself into a right state over the last few weeks  I’ve got exams in two weeks (study *and* work- I’m sure my arms won’t ever thank me and am having an awful lo t of difficulty writing I thought my treatment had been going ok as my forearms  and wrists are bearable at the moment But there’s always something new My right hand is swollen My upper arm and shoulder and neck is burning constantly I’m getting shivery feelings across the back of my neck and right hand shoulder (probably inflammation? – I’ve been ice packing) Every time

I try and do practice questions I end up in tears because of the pain and frustration.Someone said to me to finish my exams next year instead of this year but I’ll probably be worse next year and don’t want to delay it. I’ve ordered a ‘Putnam wedge’ to make me sit ‘correctly’ at my desk Has anyone tried these or similar (or the ‘Putnam pillow’ that I’ve ordered as well)? I thought about buying a posture chair, but they’re expensive and I wanted to see if anyone had found them helpful (the ones that you half sit/half kneel on)? What about a neck support for short term use?

I just need to get through the next couple of weeks (and again in November!) so ideas would be gratefully received

Answer 1: Have you tried applying arnica cream? This does help reduce inflation a lot. I’d be a bit cautious about treating symptoms if you then go and work harder in the normal way but exams are rather essential *right now*, right?

Answer 2: Also, if used at a low or normal desk, they can cause neck problems; since they put your shoulders further back than is typical with a conventional chair, your neck has to crane further forward for you to see what’s on the desk. With a raised desk surface (draughting board or similar) or a monitor at a suitable height, they don’t cause this problem.

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