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Question: I’ve been reading this list for a few days now. I have had some form of RSI for the past six months, which started after shortly after I began a new job. I’d worked full time with computers for years but was startled by the speed with which the symptoms grew and their persistence. I count myself lucky, so far at least; my company and GP have been sympathetic.  So, what are ‘diffuse’ and ‘acute’ forms of RSI?

I’ve seen the terms used a few times. I’m not sure what form I have, although I suspect it is probably diffuse. My symptoms include: numbness/coldness in the hands (particularly pinkie); tingling in the forearms (burning when it’s bad) plus very tight forearms — it sometimes feels like I’ve got tendons of steel. I’ve seen my GP (who prescribed non-steroidal anti-inflammatories),

I’ve had NHS physio (useless so far) and am booked to see a rheumatologist. I have also seen a chiropractor who diagnosed `thoracic outlet syndrome’. I’m beginning to realize that the road back to (full?) health is going to be a long one.  Does anyone know of specialists Bournemouth/Poole area that might be able to help?

Answer 1: This may be an incorrect division; I saw it somewhere and started using it. I have “discrete RSI“, I suppose; localized in particular in The Thumb, <wince> and was also told I’d suffered acute injuries. But maybe I have localized chronic RSI.  Anyway, don’t worry about the distinction right now. The important thing is that you’re seeing a rheumatologist. You should be able to get a proper diagnosis.

I am sorry you’ve had no more help than you have; I’m afraid that’s fairly common.Careful. I can’t take anti-inflammatories any more. I now take paracetamol. It doesn’t do that much for the pain but at least it doesn’t hurt my stomach, have you tried ice? tepid water? warm water alternating with cold?

Answer 2: I have RSI quite badly in both arms, although this hasn’t been formally diagnosed yet (I saw my GP in January and again in April and I have an appointment to see a rheumatologist in August). I do take regular breaks (at IBM we were told to take a 10 minute break every hour), I have had a workstation assessment and been provided with wrist rests for mouse & keyboard.One of the problems is that this assessment only applies to the workstation on my desk and sometimes

I have to spent up to 50% or more of my time on other workstations in laboratory areas that are not ergonomic – crowded onto ordinary tables with the keyboard on the edge of the table, no wrist rests etc.I can no longer use the mouse with the right hand and went to see the O/T dept. here with a tendon problem in the right wrist (the tendon seems to catch in a painful position and makes an audible click when released) and was given a wrist brace.I also have upper/lower arm pain, stiff & painful fingers, numbness and pins/needles in fingers & lower arm.

I have also had tennis elbow and frozen left shoulder, although these have reduced a bit since taking Diclofenac for 3 or 4 months and trying to reduce keyboard activity.I face the dilemma, being a contract worker, that if I take time off work I will not be paid and may risk termination or non-renewal of the contract.I live in Dorset and work in the Bournemouth area and would also like to hear of any specialists in this area who might be able to help.

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