Diffuse RSI (or WRULD as he called it)

Question: I saw the rheumatologist yesterday, he told me that as far as the Diffuse RSI (or WRULD as he called it) is concerned that he was very sorry but there is nothing he could do, there was no treatment available, all he could do was to advise me either to give up or reduce keyboard use adding that this was rather difficult – as it was my job.  Has anyone received any treatment for diffuse RSI, what do I do now?

Answer 1: Try to find the name of a local consultant who has had experience with RSI, and then ask your GP to refer you to him for a second opinion (you are entitled to a second opinion).  If there’s an RSI Support Group in your area, they may be able to tell you who you should see. You could also consider asking to be referred to the Pain Clinic at St Thomas Hospital, but I believe there’s a waiting list.

Answer 2: Having suffered from diffuse RSI for the past 7 years – particularly badly for the last 2 1/2 years – unfortunately I have found that the only thing that helped was to change job and drastically reduce the amount of keyboard work I do. The two are directly related in my case. (Keyboarding and RSI) This combined with occasional physio / massage treatments keeps it at bay on the whole.

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