Question: I am in a bit of a quandary. After being ignored by my personnel dept for over 18 months I decided to see what I could do regarding work. Since involving PACT they are falling over themselves to help me return to work. I also think that threatening to sue them for constructive dismissal helped! Anyway they have agreed to have a proper assessment and get any equipment that I need. Isn’t that nice! In the meantime they have asked if I would like to return to work and to clerical work.

This means instead of working on a computer I will have to handwrite everything. My manager is trying to be helpful in getting me back to work and I am very tempted as at least I will be earning again.  Do you think that I should hold out until the equipment is sorted or give it a try beforehand?

Answer 1: I don’t think I would return if your symptoms are still bad especially to do handwriting….my sister suffered cts purely from writing letters home to the family when she was in the states!!! So very possible it would aggravate your condition I know how you feel ….it’s no fun not getting any money!!!!

Answer 2: Sorting papers, or writing, still hurts my hands. My GP wanted me to stay at work but not do hand-work that would have been just about possible in my job,but my employers said no. They said no for legal reasons, I know now: if my injuries had got worse, the case against them would have been strengthened.  Your employers do sound a lot better so perhaps you should talk to your GP and to them about the situation

Answer 3: I’m afraid I agree with everyone else on this – but – if you do decide to go back make sure that they supply you with the correct writing instruments – don’t go doing any writing with the old Bic Biros! Try and get them to supply you with ink pens – the stationery catalogue that they probably use will be able to supply disposable fountain pens (in black or blue ink).

An alternative pen which I find just as OK is a Liquid Ink pen (in black, blue or red ink).  But as the others have suggested, talk to your GP first – at least your company now sounds as though they want to sort things out for you.

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