Disability Living Centre

Suggestion: Just went to the DLC and what a revelation…bought 40 pounds worth of stuff, pen grips, plug removers, potato peeler, ergonomic cutlery etc. Now I will get an electronic tin opener soon. The thing is though the real problems are happening at the level of shoulder movements for me, but still these things will be easier on the grip which is a secondary problem for me.

It makes me think how really useful these would be to someone with primarily wrist/hand problems. There were these neat keyholders which I thought were great except that my keychain won’t fit into my pocket any more.  I am going to buy the milliput material as well….for other things around the house.

Comment: Where on earth is the Disability Living Centre – it sounds great! Is there one in London?

Answer: London…0171 289 6111 Bristol 0117 965 3651 There are many but I won’t write them down…you could call the above numbers and they’; give the other numbers out no doubt. Usually they are affiliated to hospitals.

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