I am distraught – hopefully someone on the list will have been through something similar.

Question: Hopefully going back to work soon. Had meeting with Access to Work who said would organize an IT specialist and an Ergonomist to see what help I would need etc. After we had discussed my duties for over an hour it was time then to tell the bosses about the action plan and timetable of my return to work.  Then my bosses dropped the bombshell – whilst I have been off sick (coming up to 3 months), they have got new people in to do specific parts of my job and another part will be done by someone who they have not yet employed.Went through job description and it was a case of “you won’t be doing that” or “we are trying to employ someone else to do that”.

I was totally shocked to say the least. I have worked for these people for over 7 years and was a valued member of staff (or so I thought).  They have just moved premises. I was aware that after the move there would be some adjustments – I had my annual review in May during which I was given a pay rise, more managerial responsibilities, promotion for which I would have to receive training and then after finished training would receive a further pay rise in December.  Now all of a sudden when I return to work I am being demoted basically and their excuse is the move.  Needless to say I am distraught – hopefully someone on the list will have been through something similar.

Answer : Sorry to hear what has happened to you. When I was off sick for 3 months they threatened to give me the heave ho unless I returned post haste but they did not give my jobs away. I wouldn’t have thought this was legal? They certainly wouldn’t be able to do this if you were off on any other kind of leave. I thought they HAD to keep your job open for you for when you return. I’m sure someone else with legal knowledge will be able to help you here but I’m gutted for you.

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