Question: How does one qualify for DLA?

Answer: I am surprised at RSI sufferer’s being eligible for DLA. My health was always of more importance than the next person (as far as I’m concerned,) as my wife is severely disabled with a degenerative hip condition, spinal problems and suspected Crohn’s disease and has always relied on me to support the family. I can no longer care for her as I once could, and since my injury, her life has become 10 X more difficult. SHE has to do the garden, and everything else that I once did. She suffers TERRIBLE pain every day. She gets nothing. We have been told to apply for DLA for her (rather than me.) She can NEVER work, and will probably end up in a wheelchair that I won’t be able to push. She is now 30 years old. The problem with DLA is that it is all “pigeon-holed” categories. Even she, qualifies for nothing in accordance with their categories as laid out in that fat application form that is designed to create new cases of RSI in itself. She, like me, has a “hidden” illness. No-one can see it. Her hips are inside. She has a problem with the bursa that surrounds the hip joints. It shows up on no x-rays, so no-one can prove it exists. When her bursa is severely inflamed, this has shown up in blood tests, but x-rays always seem to be the crux of medical assessment. She has to live on huge quantities of painkillers such as Ibuprofen, Co-Proxamol etc. which I fear will damage her further. Many times in the past, I used to have to lift her out of a chair, whilst she cried in pain, because her hips had locked solid like an old lady needing a hip replacement. If she was arthritic, there would be a cure. With the bursa there is none. If she swallows loads of pills, she can walk, if she doesn’t she can’t. Even so, she still sometimes uses a stick or crutches to get around the house, and no-one ever does any ironing in our house. Our girls outgrow clothes whilst they are in the ironing pile. The doctor that we used to have, once said to me: “I’ve never seen her like that.” I tried to explain to him that when she is bad, she can’t walk, so would need to levitate to get to the surgery. This obvious fact was a bit too difficult for him to grasp. We got rid of him a long time ago, and we now have a doctor that has a brain that functions. She is about as entitled to disability benefit help of some kind, as anyone I know, yet her situation falls outside all the slots. We are both so worn down by the wretched system, that she hasn’t got the energy to fight anymore, so I leave her in peace. She has been for Physiotherapy etc. years ago, which can do nothing to help her, and just causes her additional pain, expense, and upset. Her legs will work for short periods, just as my arms will at examination with RSI. Her legs stop working after she has walked so far. This distance is generally exceeded within the house without venturing outside. Some days she has it anyway without doing anything. She’s got “battery-operated legs”, and I’ve got “battery-operated arms.” We’re both in the same boat, but at different ends. She continues to swallow pills. If she had DLA in her own right, maybe she could get someone in to help with the ironing, as before I was injured myself, I used to pay for a lady to come round each week to do it. That has long since stopped, as from my experience, the (D) SS prefers to create the maximum hardship they can, which is why when I was 100% disabled, they gave me 20% Ind. Injuries Benefit, then stopped it completely after 2 years. The appeal is now in itself more than a year old. Just a few weeks after they refused Ind. Injuries at all, they gave me Incapacity Benefit, and was declared unfit for any work, after doing the “all-work” test. The system is nonsense.

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