DLA Appeal

Question: Yesterday I had my DLA Appeal heard and they turned me down. It was obvious from the moment I walked in the room that they had decided not to believe anything I said, and to belittle my condition; the Chairman was particularly scathing and it was so obvious that he was basically putting words in the others’ mouths.
The issue was the “preparing of the main mean from raw ingredients”. I just cannot do this, but because the report from my GP wasn’t 100% specific about this, and the specialists report only mentioned “difficulty with lifting saucepans”, they felt that “I didn’t satisfy the necessary criteria”.
So, does anyone have any ideas on how to get DLA if you have RSI? OK so these are some of my ideas: I could bribe or shag the chairman (or both), and/or endeavor to make sure I have a relative in the right Lodge etc. But seriously, how the hell do you convince these people? I am not a liar or a scrounger, anyone with RSI can certainly testify to the fact that they’ve worked damned hard, TOO hard, but by the end of the session I felt that I’d been more or less accused of being a liar who is trying to bum all they can out of the Social Security.
Anyone got any ideas (on second thoughts I won’t shag the chairman, I haven’t either the energy or the inclination). I hope no-one else has this kind of experience trying to claim benefit, but knowing the system, you probably will.

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