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Thanks to everyone who sent me info regarding wrist supports and other tips! I’m hoping that using the wrist supports (which I will do when they arrive!) will give some sort of relief after a hard day of interpreting. On another topic – I can give a description of what happens in a DLA appeal if anyone needs to know – just mail me and I’ll send a firsthand experience to allay any fears.

Comment 1: Thank you for offering to do that — as it’s a fairly long account I won’t ask for one right now! (I don’t see how they could turn me down given the doctor’s examination, but who knows?!)

Comment 2: DLA Doctor’s Exam, brief. The doctor was a kindly man. He also clearly knows about RSI (among other things). One thing showed up the flaws in the system: my right hand and wrist were as it happened hurting badly, but when he examined them they did not (except for one spot of tenderness), then shortly after he left they hurt badly all over. (But I’m sure he believed I had RSI!) He didn’t ask to speak to anyone else about my condition or whatever. I told him my mother was there for a different reason and he didn’t then ask to speak to her. (This isn’t I suppose a flaw, just a sign of unnecessary expense: my GP wrote a letter in support of my¬†application for ill-health early retirement that basically says everything they want to know, but no, they send a doctor around — well, at least I didn’t have to pay his fee for one and a quarter hours’ plus work!)¬†Impressively, he tested things I hadn’t mentioned. A useful MOT. And he was very straightforward about what he was doing.

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