Information: Some good news – the Benefits Agency has just renewed my Disability Living Allowance for another 12 months, on the basis of ‘no change’ in my condition, with no questions and no further investigation. With all the stories around about the clampdown on DLA claims, and the numerous claimants who are being subjected to all sorts of medical investigations as to their ‘true’ need for the benefit, I regard this as extremely good news. I hope anyone else on this list who claims has the same experience.

Comment 1: I’m currently applying for DLA – just wondering which rate you are receiving and how much information they wanted from you initially.  A welfare rights advisor, friend of mine, said that anyone who can’t peel and chop vegetables is eligible for the lower rate of DLA. Surely lots of people with RSI could be claiming. As far as I know it’s not means-tested.

Comment 2: Do you have to be unemployed to claim disability living allowance (excuse my ignorance please; I have only been interested in this issue very recently)? I was wondering if there is a benefit to being on the ‘register’ in some way as being fully or partially disabled for the time when push comes to shove and one cannot continue to work. I used to live on my own and really struggled with housework.

I am currently suffering from a bad flare-up because I did some chopping on Friday evening.But where I am living currently, with an adopted family so to speak, I don’t have to chop, wash up or anything. I just have to keep my room myself and even that is hard on bad days.

Comment 3: Yes, I wondered this – my partner is in a phase of a lot of overtime and it is all I can do to do full time (in fact have gone three quarter time for the moment). Therefore with him being barely home at the moment and me in too much pain to do anything it would be great to get some help! Bet we don’t qualify coz we are using up our ability trying to keep our jobs!

When things are really bad I kick all the clutter into a pile in a discreet corner to sort when I can lift each bit of it to somewhere else! Also finally invested in a knife sharpener which if someone else does the sharpening regularly it certainly helps.

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