DNS – What Awful Support!

Question: Just moved to Office 2000. Dragons website doesn’t even let you access an update for NaturalWord 2000 – even if you have the US version of DNS!  Their support (and downloads) is somewhat lacking relative to other companies. You must ask if they believe themselves to be a leading software company! Eventually got a reply from Dragon in the UK. Upgrade from 3.51/3.52 DNS to V4 available mid November.

“You will be able to order an upgrade from the telesales line on 08081 007 003 cost in the region of A330”. Maybe this will add compatibility to Word 2000!!!!  Anyway, taken the plunge and off to see an osteopath I used many years ago – final hope really!

Answer: The new Head of Dragon Tech is going to let me know when the UK version is there (and I think when the US-only one is too). There is a beta update, US, on the site http://www.dragonsys.com/support/natword.html The new Director has got some new (and additional) staff. One, anyway, will be assigned to their web page forum. I imagine “Dragon” will be reading the voice-lists too, as usual.  Dragon is a leading voice software company, not a leading software one. It’s a small company.

Their tech. people used to email users with problems before the users emailed them — that’s partly how I know the new Director — they haven’t been able to keep that up.  I am often less polite about Dragon than this, and venomous about Dragon UK. Dragon knows that. They still give me a lot of support. I’m not in their pay and I do recommend other software.

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