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Question: I first started having problems in my right wrist. I went to see my local GP who said I had tenosynovitis. He sent for physiotherapy and told me to take time off work. In total I had 5 weeks off work. During this time I was attending physic twice a week for ultrasound on my wrist. She also gave me strengthening exercises to do.
Not long after my right is recovered a little it also developed in my left wrist. I have been told that this is a mild form of RSI. It has now re-appeared in my right wrist again. I went back to my GP who told me I either had to take time off work or rest it for six weeks. I chose the latter.
Since then I have had an assessment of my workplace by an occupational therapist nurse. The result was that I have all the equipment she could recommend. (Document holder, adjustable chair, screen filter, foot rest etc).
I now have to go and see an occupational therapist at the local hospital and have been recommended to try an ergonomic keyboard. I have also been recommended to try wrist supports. Has anyone tried the wrist supports or ergonomic keyboards? Any useful info would be appreciated.

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