Does anyone have any advice for me?

Question: Does anyone have any advice for me? I have CTS in my right wrist, and although I am not troubled too much during the day, at night the pain is intense. I have tried sleeping with my arm over the edge of the bed, sleeping in a semi-sitting position, taking water tablets and even binding my wrist but so far nothing has worked.

Any help, suggestions or advice on how to ease the pain at night would be gratefully received.  One suggestion was that high doses of B6 could help – does anyone the daily amount to take, and whether it could help?

Answer 1: To help your night pain, get a soft wrist splint. This is made of foam and fits down the back of your wrist. It will stop you bending your wrist at night and putting pressure on the nerves in the CT. Don’t get a wrist splint that goes down the front/palm side of the wrist as these put pressure on the nerves in the CT.  Get one from a physio or occupational therapist (get referred through your GP.) You only wear them at night.

Answer 2: Get your doctor to prescribe ibuprofen gel BP — try to get _exactly that_, without any “warming” additions. Cover your wrist with it and wrap something round it loosely but firmly (!).  It saved me from the night agony — which may be a build-up from the day — until I got splints. Wearing them by day, a lot of the time, took away the post-day’s-work agony, and I now just have manageable pain. (Ho ho.)

(You will have to be careful; don’t take any other painkillers; you will need more than the thin spreading suggested but — well, you will know if you have used a little too much.)

Answer 3: Try, one tablespoon of flavoured cod liver oil a day. (fine Norwegien Oil)

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