Does anyone use a Maltron keyboard?

Question: Does anyone on the list use a Maltron keyboard? I spoke to an advisor at Abilitynet, about my ergo v. compact keyboard dilemma and he advised me that ideally I should go for a Maltron ergonomic keyboard. I know these are rather different to such as the Microsoft Naturals etc, and I wonder if anyone used a Maltron and if they felt it had made a difference for them. Also how long it takes to adjust to it? The Abilitynet guy strongly advised me against going for an ordinary shaped small footprint keyboard because I’m a touch typist. He said they were good for hunt and peckers, but for me it would be a step in the wrong direction, although he recognised my qualms about the small sized left shift keys on most keyboards. I’m going to order the Goldtouch Ergo, from Keytools, because that has a wider left shift key, but I recognise the fact that I may end up having to have a Maltron. Hence the enquiry. (PS: I think it would be a Maltron qwerty rather than the dvorak layout. I think that would really be a bridge too far). As ever thanks for your patience and help.

Answer 1: If the transition to Maltron was as quick as that, I might be much more inclined to go for one. I do have many bad habits to overcome however… but not all of them are relevant to this list!

Answer 2: I would strongly recommend you try one out for a while before deciding whether to buy one. My company arranged for me to use one for a month and I found it very difficult to adapt. I don’t know if that’s because I do more editing than original typing, or what, but I just could not get used to it. They have had some rave reviews, but try before you buy.

Answer 3: I have been using a Maltron Keyboard for many years now and really couldn’t be without it. I cannot use an ordinary keyboard at all for more than 5 minutes without my problems coming back with a vengeance. I was lucky in that my company purchased it for me. They didn’t bother hiring it just went straight ahead and bought the thing and weren’t worried if I couldn’t get on with it. I’m a fairly determined person and I was not going to let this keyboard beat me and so after about 3 or 4 four hours intensive use I had it more or less cracked. The only problem I found was the letter ‘B’. The only other keyboard that I have come across that is similar in layout is the one used in the film ‘Men in Black’. I’m afraid I cannot remember anything about the name but someone on the list may be able to help here. If I get a chance I’ll have a look through all my papers and see if I can find the information in my old files.


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  1. I use a Maltron 3D Dual Handed Keyboard. I work in IT so I’m sitting a keyboard all day. It took a few days to get used to. It really makes you spread your fingers and type correctly. I like it tho. It’s comfortable. I was developing a pain in my wrists and hands and it went away almost immediately after starting to use it.

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