Does the Maltron help with shoulder pains

Does the Maltron help with shoulder pains–“In broad terms the answer is yes, but you may well have to make other changes to your work habits and/or work place setup as well. A recent letter confirms this point. Dr. Lara Marks (D.Phil) at Imperial College suffered such incapacitating pain in neck and shoulders that she had to take 3 months off work. By a combination of changes, treatment and finally a Maltron keyboard she has been able to recover and continue her career. She says “The Maltron keyboard was the last thing I tried, and I must admit that I think it made a major contribution to my recovery” She has a Maltron keyboard at home as well as at her office and concludes her letter ” I hope that these comments are useful to you and give you some idea of the remarkable benefits that I have experienced in having the Maltron keyboard. Many people who visit me in my office at Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine are always curious to see the keyboard and can see the benefits it provides.” I hope that we can help you too.

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