I doubt RSI is hereditary

Question: I doubt RSI is hereditary. I suspect an awful lot of people are having to work too hard.

Answer 1: I agree with this view.  My own situation was caused by:  A hazardous type of work + too many hours + too much pressure to achieve + no rest + no variation + employer’s total “machismo” indifference to health risks even after injury had occurred.  Pretty “text book” stereotype in my case.

Answer 2: I have to say (as an H&S Adviser MIOSH etc) that this sounds entirely familiar. It’s a sad form of interest for us in University safety teams to see that some departments get no problems and others frequent ones. We mustn’t forget though that humans vary a lot, and it’s likely that individuals have different tolerances to different types of pressures and jobs (this is not to say that this is any excuse for what happens, merely that, unless all the normal laws of biological variation have been cancelled by divine fiat, it just is so – and must therefore be taken into account).

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