Elbow Warmers

Question: I am convinced that the slowness with which my elbow tendonitis is recovering is directly related to the fact that my elbows are almost always cold, even in warm weather when the rest of me am toasty. I have been fantasizing recently about getting some “elbow warmers” akin to the leg warmers so popular in the 80’s. They would be warm, flexible, non-binding, and form-fitting. Has anyone seen such a thing being sold, or figured out a way to make it at home?

Answer 2: you can buy neoprene elbow supports – soft, flexible, warm – not cheap. Any good chemist or sports shop will have them

Answer 3: I think this straightforward request touches on something quite significant. People are warm when their circulation works well. Circulation brings nutrients and removes the buildup of astiest. I think RSIs result in blockages of the free flow of nutrients and energy. As well as all our stretches and exercises I feel it is important to try to get energy flowing freely again. T’ai Chi and Chi Kung should help, if the movements aren’t too uncomfortable. I haven’t tried acupuncture but following the energy principle it should work. I did have 15 minutes of Shiatsu and felt glowing and full of energy for the next three weeks! I plan to have a full session next month. (This month it is my Shaw method swimming course – based on Alexander Technique). By the way, if anyone is in the Norwich area, I think there are still places on this course on Sat 24th June. I can put you in touch with the organizer. My arms and hands felt like dead sticks last year when I tried to visualize them. They are much more alive now and I think focusing on the energy flow has definitely helped. My hands were much warmer this last winter than they have been in previous years. I hope you can get your elbow warmed up again Phoebe. You could always cut the toe off a thermal sock.

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