What are my employer’s legal requirements re supplying me with vr software?

Question: What are my employer’s legal requirements re supplying me with vr software? I received the injury through working for them and have asked for dragon vr software and have been refused it as they believe it will take too long to train it and it won’t be compatible with my sage accounts package.I am trying to do everything to keep myself working.

But I cannot use my right hand for any pc related work at all. I was hoping I could get vr and carry on working, it was a light at the end of my tunnel which has just been extinguished.Are they obliged to provide me with this at all or is it just luck if they do? any thoughts etc would be greatly appreciated as this has just crushed me.

Answer: I don’t know what the legal side is, but speaking as a VR user, it (vr software) is certainly not something that you can just plug in and be working at the same rate as before. There *are* training and compatibility issues with it. That is not to say that the problems are insurmountable. It would be a shame if your employers took the view that it simply won’t work without at least trying it out. Maybe suggest a trial with a cheaper product to get the feel of the technology – if your employer balks at that then how caring are they?

If you are working right now then maybe they fear your productivity will be zero once you get into training (yourself and the software). This is very likely, but then what of your productivity long term? What if you are off sick for months?

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