Ergonomics and the work you do

Question: What height do I put my chair at relative to my desk? Because according to what I’ve seen there’s one correct height and seating posture for writing and using things on a desk and another for using a keyboard properly – but what’s the correct answer if you’re doing all of it at the same time?

Answer 1: If you work in an office, then it is the employer’s responsibility, under Health and Safety legislation, to do a proper risk assessment on your workstation and working area. This would mean, in your case, looking at all the different areas of your movements, in order to minimize the risk of injury. I am sure you know this already, but, at the risk of “teaching my grandmother to suck eggs,” perhaps you could suggest to your employer an independent evaluation form an outside agency, or other suitably qualified individual. You need expert advice from someone” on the spot” who can actually watch you at work and see the problems. I’m sure there must be companies that can do evaluations, or possibly a physiotherapist.

Answer 2: My current solution,, is that I type on my knee – that’s fine for typing, the only problem is that when I have to look at the files at the same time I can’t get close enough because my knees bang the desk (Even with the chair at its lowest setting I still have to use a footrest to get my thighs roughly horizontal and get any support for my back – the desk is 28″ but I think I want it higher) – and also that the screen ends up too far back for comfortable viewing because of the space that I need in front of it to put the files on. Maybe I’ll try to petition for a bigger screen – the typeface is impossibly small on some of the software we use.

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