What is the experience of members of the RSI-UK with their children?

Question: The launch of the Body Action Campaign at TUC headquarters in early November saw National impetus being given to the problem of children developing keyboard induced RSI from spending hours sitting at computers, and is increasing public awareness of the need to do something about keyboards.  The Evening Standard published an article on 10/11/97 pointing out that children appear to be most at risk from spending long hours playing computer games or typing at home and the best way to address this problem is through education to the children of the dangers of RSI.

In addition, if children wish to spend long hours typing at a computer at  home, then in order to avoid the onset of RSI, not only is education of t he proper use of computers essential, but also the use of an ergonomic keyboard would help prevent the onset. The availability of such a keyboard also in the school could help in these cases.  The problem is both an immediate and a long term one as many children who start to suffer from RSI at a young age may well find it impossible to work on a flat keyboard EVER AGAIN.

This does not bode well for the future of children affected by keyboard induced RSI if they wish to become computer  operators or simply use a keyboard unless they convert to an ergonomic keyboard.  What is the experience of members of the RSI-UK with their children?

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