Does anyone have experience with voice recognition?

Question: Hi all, I’ve been having trouble getting info on what is the best VR software (the links didn’t seem to give brand names!) for the PC.  I use Word and Lotus Notes the most and would be happy with software which merely allowed me to voice the text and nothing more complex (i.e. macros or menu-operation).  I have tried IBM Via Voice but found this poor. Does anyone else have experience with this? It just wasn’t accurate – even with me trying to talk like an android!  I heard that some people use Naturally Speaking. Is this generally regarded as the best?

Answer 1: I don’t know if it’s regarded as the best, although it’s certainly popular. I use it, and am happy with it. I use Naturally Speaking Preferred and it works in almost every application I use (but it’s not very efficient when browsing online).

Answer 2: I am a “Dragon person” but I am unhappy about your changing from Via Voice without looking into why you’re getting such poor performance. I don’t have to sound like an android to get good recognition with any of these programs  and Via Voice is a very good program indeed. Most people find Dragon more accurate, but don’t have the problems you have with VV (98). Also you might have to change your hardware if you changed.

Your hardware might also be causing these problems  a mike is the most likely culprit as you’re using VV. If you can post details of your hardware, including sound card and mike, and version of Via Voice, I’ll see if I can recommend something less drastic than changing. I can also forward your message to three lists that discuss voice software that have some real experts on them, including 2 experts on IBM products and some people who work for Dragon Systems

Answer 3: And my husbands both use Via Voice and have no problems with it at all.  Apart from checking the mike you might try making sure you’ve got the right sound card. That was one of our problems to start off with.  Once you’ve got your machine trained its brilliant!

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