Could anyone please let me know of experiences with acupuncture in treatment of RSI

Question: This has probably been subject for debate in the past – however, could anyone please let me know of experiences with acupuncture in treatment of RSI. I am planning a first visit to a bona fide clinic next week and would like feedback from others on the subject.

Answer 1: I had acupuncture for RSI and it really helped ease the pain.

Answer 2: My NHS physiotherapist has offered me acupuncture for “pain relief” for my RSI. I was wondering if anyone here had tried that, and with what success if any.

Answer 3: I have found acupuncture excellent. I just wish I could afford more – but as I’m also paying for massage and osteo, I can’t. I have needles in the back and across the shoulders. It really leaves me very comfortable.  BUT, and this is a big but, I go to a fully qualified traditional Chinese acupuncturist, who is using points appropriate to my general health as well. I would not think of having a physio or doctor do this (and my NHS did offer this at one point – excuse the pun.) I honestly think you need someone who really understands needling, not just someone who’s had a weekend course.

Answer 4: I had acupuncture over a six week course on the NHS. I found the effect was only lasting for a day or two and as this was not long enough on the acupuncturist terms my treatment was stopped. After this I was given a TENS machine but unfortunately this had no long term effect either.  Keep trying though as every body is different.

Answer 5: I have had acupuncture for tenosynovitis when I was having a bad flare up. It worked very well for me at reducing the inflammation and thus the pain. I have also had it in the neck area for pain in my upper arms. It worked brilliantly but unfortunately the effect only lasted a week.  It was done by my osteopath who I have a lot of trust in and I think that probably contributes to its effectiveness. He did say that it doesn’t work for everyone – luckily it worked for me and simply knowing that it is available if the pain is very bad, helps me.

However, my local GP also does acupuncture, so it might be worth asking your local health Centre. You’ll have to wait a fortnight for an appointment of course (but that’s another matter).

Answer 6: I have had acupuncture for my RSI and associated neck pain. I found it very beneficial especially for my neck. Acupuncture is very good for treating pain generally, so I would recommend it to anyone to try. I have been seeing an acupuncturist for quite a few months now and have found the benefits have lasted longer and longer each time I go (this is relatively common according to my acupuncturist.) I now only go once every three months.

However, one word of warning. I know others have said they received acupuncture from their GP and I’m sure there are many GPs out there who are great acupuncturists (and it’s great in that its free). However I am aware that GPs can learn acupuncture in a weekend and therefore may not be as experienced as an acupuncturist who practices acupuncture full-time and who has studied acupuncture for four years.

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