I have experimented with diet and it had no effect on the RSI

Question: I visited the neurologist last week. He examined me by checking my eyes and doing the strength testing and nerve reflex testing. Then he said there was nothing wrong with me that he could see. He said that he thought regular exercise, weight training( as my upper body was weak) and eating healthily would solve the problem ( I had told him that I hadn’t been to the gym recently( what with moving house and so on))!!I asked him what he would say to someone who was fit and always ate well( presumably he meant no fried foods or stuff like that) as I know people who are all that and have rsi.

He mumbled something about seeing all sorts of people. I felt sooooooo low after that. In the last four years I have experimented with diet( cutting out some foods , adding foods, losing 25 pounds, getting fitter) and it had no effect on the RSI. Recently my new physio has been helpful but even then I still have the RSI. He asked me if I had any questions and I said no. I felt patronized by him although that is not new with the medical profession. Luckily my doc is okay!

Answer: You have a helpful doctor and physio, stick with them. Seeing allot of specialists won’t help as they don’t know which label to put on you. What were you hoping to get out of your visit to the neurologist? (I hope you read that last question as a straight question, not a facetious one).

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