Can anyone explain the relationship of the TUC and unions, such as the AUT?

Question: I had a second meeting with my union solicitor last week and was told exactly the same – secretaries and journalists are known – other professions using computers (again set up wrongly) are not winnable! I have been essentially worn down by the whole thing and can no longer find the energy to be angry. The solicitor was very good though and we spent an hour exploring further avenues – she has been the only one who has taken a real interest from the union and workplace side of things.

Unfortunately it is the judge setting a new precedent that has to be convinced and not logic.  My new tactic will be through the HSE, hopefully with the backing (or cavalry upfront) of the union.  On a second thought, can anyone explain the relationship of the TUC and unions, such as the AUT?

Answer : The TUC is the Trades Union Congress – it is the association which all (or certainly most) of the trade unions belong to and which speaks on their behalf.  With regard to judges.It is the judge setting a precedent which matters. Cases where no precedent has been set have to go through the whole process, which inevitably means going to high court, House of Lords, etc.

A very expensive process However, there have been other incidences of RSI – I seem to remember a person who worked in a factory stuffing bagged giblets back into chickens winning a case. It was the constant twisting action which had caused RSI in that person’s case.

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