I cannot help feeling that – yet again – the medical profession does or will not want to recognize RSI.

Question: Although an avid reader of your messages this is my first! Will give a  brief history. Am 53 years old. Have been a city secretary since 18  years old. About 8 years ago had a lump appear on my neck/shoulder.  After MRI scan specialists said soft tissue lump,nothing to worry  about. Last year repeated tennis elbow and sore thumbs. Two cortisone  injections. Fortunately my employer has medical insurance for me. Have  not worked since.

Attempted to clean a small window just before  Christmas. Tennis elbow flared up again and is becoming increasingly  painful. Asked GP to refer me to a specialist, not wanting a diagnosis  but for some help in alleviating the pain. Have seen him today. Although  he did suggest another injection  which I would have refused he  suggests acupuncture which I am more than willing to try. However, I  cannot help feeling that – yet again – the medical profession does or  will not want to recognize RSI.

He said my sore thumbs are due to osteo  arthritis, said it is genetic but no one else in my family ever had it.  The soft tissue lump on my neck is due to me being a smoker and my lungs  have enlarged and thus formed the lump! My tennis elbow is not due to  RSI as I have not been to work. He said all this is due to my age. I  shrugged these findings off as, as I have previously said, I just wanted  some help but I cannot help feeling that I am being treated as an idiot  – and an old one at that!! Would appreciate your comments.

Answer 1: You need a new doctor.Get one older than you. It is not due to your age & he was the idiot.

Answer 2: Change your doctor asap  there is absolutely no reason for you to suffer because your current doctor is ignorant!

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