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Question: Firstly thank you to everyone for the responses, I went to the doctors this morning and he transferred me to the orthopedic center, now it’s just a case of waiting for an appointment.

I will also pop down to the local job center to find out about PACT.

With regards to voice recognition at work, I will have to speak to my manager about this. I work in an open plan office I am a bit conscious about how I would look or feel using voice recognition.

I will also look into replacement keyboard, mouse and chair.

I live in Oxford if anyone can recommend a physio please do? Also I would like to meet with fellow sufferers locally.

I have received a RSI association pack and will have a read tonight. I have now given up playing squash have sold my playstation. I plan on just taking it easy slow, I will have to stop worrying, because I think it does not help.

I will keep in touch, sorry about any spelling mistakes.

Answer: Don’t dash out and buy replacement keyboard and chair etc before you’ve contacted PACT – they may be able to give you advice and help in selecting the most appropriate for your situation.

Also, I do think It’s worth giving voice recognition a try – many people have found that it makes a huge difference. I’ve found that the most effective way of reducing pain is to type less, and VR is an obvious way to reduce typing without making changes to the content of your job! I suspect your colleagues will soon get used to you talking into the mike (presumably they ignore you when you’re on the phone…), and your initial embarrassments is a small price to pay for pain reduction.

Taking positive steps (like you’re doing) made me feel more optimistic (as well as eventually improving my situation) . Hope it helps you to worry less!

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