I wonder if there are others here who find walking painful?

Question:  I wonder if there are others here who find walking painful?  I have been able to keep my RSI under control fairly well — although I have persistent aching and discomfort in my right arm (elbow – forearm), shooting pains are quite rare as long as I stick to my routine of twice-weekly swimming  sessions and daily stretching, avoid anything that causes pain if possible and  use TENS when I can feel an onset.

I also make a point of walking to the town centre 2 miles away and back on  weekends as I do not exercise my legs enough, but it seems to make my bad arm  very sore after about 20 minutes or so into the walk.I tried swinging my arms,  keeping the right hand in my pocket, resting it on my hand bag, etc., but  aching always starts, and I just cannot find a comfortable position.

I do not  usually get sharp pains from walking, just severe aching. In winter I sometimes  strap my TENS unit on when I walk because I can hide it under clothes, but I  don’t want to do it when it’s warmer as I find it rather embarrassing walking  in town with cords dangling down from my elbow.Does anyone else have this problem or know a good trick to avoid it?

Answer 1:  Oh yes , walking to the corner shop causes me pain, it feels as if the vibration of walking moves up my body and causes the pain to intensify, coupled with the pedestrian traffic where I live, seaside resort in summer, I now don’t feel confident at all going outside because of the continually knocking to my arm. Sometimes I think if my arm was encased in plaster, people might be more considerate, but having an “invisible disability” people assume you are well.

Unfortunately I find this pain is intensified in the winter, especially when I get buffeted by high winds and the temperature is low. So far I have found no way around this, but should you find a solution I would be only to pleased to try it .

Answer 2: Yes I do. Tricks I have played include: Swinging arms even more and/or running (though not to the shops). I don’t know if these will be good for you. Keep walking though – it’s got to be better that slumped in a car seat.

Answer 3: I sometimes get the sensitivity in my upper arms and shoulders when walking, but I usually successfully combat it by thinking about how I’m holding my shoulders: most of the time I’m guilty of holding them slightly hunched. Try letting the arms swing naturally in a variety of positions, egg with palms facing body or facing back. Take large strides and let your shoulders fall forwards slightly (the sort of ‘monkey position’ taught at Alexander Technique), arms hanging freely away and ahead of the body as you walk.

Just try out different things and see if you can works towards a comfortable way of walking.  I agree with marathon man though: ditch the handbag. I have a large flat bum bag (looks like the greengrocer on his market stall) or a small rucksack with two straps, one for the waist, the other around my ribs (I’m going to have to mention breasts – sorry guys…you have to make sure the upper strap doesn’t squash. helps if god gave you small ones), which helps to take the pressure off the shoulders.

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