Friend Who Has Recently Been Diagnosed With CTS

Question:  I have a friend who has recently been diagnosed with CTS but knows nothing about it. She has been told she is to see a specialist & to possibly have THE op.  I have RSI but the cause/symptoms/pains are quite different.  Can anyone help with more info on CTS or more especially the Op?

Answer 1: Books: The Repetitive Strain Injury Handbook; An 8-Step Recovery and Prevention Plan By Robert M. Simon, M.D. AND Ruth Aleskovsky – psychiatrist who teaches rehabilitation medicine and has a private practice ISBN =0-8050-5930-X (paperback) USD $20.00

Repetitive Strain Injury; A Computer User’s Guide Emil Pascarelli, M. D. and Deborah Quilter – he’s a hand specialist, M. D. ISBN = 0-471-59532-2 or ISBN 0-471-59533-0 (paperback) USD $20.00

Conquering Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Other Repetitive Strain Injuries By Sharon J. Butler ISBN= 1-57224-039-3 (paperback) USD $20.00

Johns Hopkins Health Information Center: For general comments and questions e-mail them at:
The American Academy of Neurology’s online newsletter:

Answer 2: Tell friend to get a second and even 3rd opinion before submitting to the knife. Check with a neurosurgeon and osteopathic M. D.s.

Answer 3: I believe I have CTS, not properly diagnosed, but have all the symptoms – tingling and numbness, especially in thumb area, forefinger, and middle finger and partially in ring finger. More painful at night, and pain in outer lower arm and inner upper arm. Symptoms can vary, I have recently asked for any information from people who have had surgery, check recent postings for details.  Contact the RSI Association on helpline 0800 018 5012 or Admin 0171 266 2000. I have a book on RSI by Dr P.V.A. MacLoughlin, sent to me by his secretary; it is very informative and helpful.

I am interested to hear more about your friend’s problem, as it seems they are possibly at about the same level as myself, having just realized that I have it and if i have, I definitely need surgery, since it has not eased off in over 6 weeks now.

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