Need Good Ergonomic Office Chair!

Question: I have been looking for a good ergonomic chair and have been overwhelmed with all the choices and price ranges. Is there a list of companies which have a reputation for building good ergonomic chairs? What is a reasonable price to pay for a good ergonomic chair? Are the chairs that are priced over $1000 worth the money? Where do you find good, quality ergonomic furniture?
I recently visited a Relax The Back store and was impressed with the sales personnel but was shocked at the price of their office chairs….$1400!!!

Answer 1: Regarding a good ergonomic chair, there appears to be plenty on the  market, and I have seen many people with “good ergonomic chairs”, but they don’t know how to use them to their advantage. The benefit of a  good chair is that you can adjust it to suit your body. Here we have some firms that are willing to trial chairs, and that helps avoid costly mistakes.

Answer 2:  After putting off wading through all the recommended companies for  several months I eventually settled upon Advance seating designs – – 0181 961 4515
The person who set up the company, Alan Glaser, I think suffered with rsi or related problems himself (and I think may have physio or some kind of expertise in his background) . You have to fill out a detailed sheet of measurements of your body with details of your working day and symptoms you suffer from. This is well worth the time as Alan will spend as much time as you need on the phone discussing adjustments of the chair and which would be best for you when doing which type of work etc. He chooses the chair you would be best suited to – with which types of adjustments and gives you the BEST option and a cheaper option. Mine cost about £250 which included arms which were essential for me. You can keep the chair on trial and only need pay when you are entirely happy with it. You can of course pay as much as you want here too, but at least there is the option of paying less. I can only say that I am happy with mine but I don’t know if I would feel very differently if I had one costing 5 times as much!!
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