Good source of book holders

Question: Due to RSI, I’m unable to hold books or papers for more than a few seconds without my arms aching badly.  I need to read in order to do my job effectively.  Has anybody found a good source of book holders? Especially wanted are the ones which you can use in bed to read upside-down through perspex or glass.

Answer: The best xmas present i got this year was a small bean bag – perfect for holding books! – In bed, on your knee, on a table. Take a pillow case, sew across the two bottom corners to ‘square off’ so it is like a paper grocery bag, 1/3 fill it with polystyrene beans (beads), sew up the top. Wonderful – use it lengthwise or, for a higher lift, standing on end. It would hold a clipboard too, for your papers.

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