Good Wrist Supports

Question: Can anyone recommend any good wrist supports, if so do they actually do any good and where can you get them from?

Answer 1: Only my view but for what it’s worth: As I understand it wrist support should only be used if absolutely necessary, if at all. I used one for the first six months of getting RSI but found that my muscles deteriorated incredibly rapidly which meant that the RSI became much worse. After this time I couldn’t hold my hand up at all without pain. Once I’d given it up and started stretching and exercising properly I found that I didn’t need it.

Answer 2: I’m confused. Are we talking about supports that you wear (i.e. splints) or the supports that go by the base of your keyboard? In the case of splints, only wear them on the advice of a health professional, and then for a limited time period. My physio got me a splint to wear for a few weeks, and I’d say that its main effects were

  • reminding me not to do daft things with my right hand and
  • convincing my colleagues there was something “properly” wrong with me.

As for keyboard wrist supports, I suspect this is a one-size-doesn’t-fit-all issue. In my old job, I chucked my expensive, gel-filled wrist support out, because it seemed to be making things worse. Currently, I use a cheap foam version, given away by a drug company, which seems to help. I guess the main difference between the two is that my current wrist support is curved, rather than squared off, in profile and is given to slipping round if you put too much weight on it, which helps prevent slouching.

Answer 3: Find a well stocked chemist and ask for a wrist splint. It helped me.

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