I would be grateful if anyone could offer me any advice.

Question: I have had RSI/tendinitis in my left hand/arm and neck caused by typing for the last eight years on and off but for the past eight months it has got considerably worse.  I have now been off work for the past six months, my doctor has been very understanding and he has sent me for physio and ultrasound which helped temporarily but has not cleared the problem.  I have had a course of acupuncture which has helped greatly but it has not cleared the pain in my hand/wrist (I was suffering from the tips of my fingers to my neck).  It has now been suggested by my companies doctor that I should either have cortisone injections or be referred to a specialist with a view to having an operation, I have read about these options and I am not keen on either.  I would be grateful if anyone could offer me any advice.

Answer 1: Not sure if this will help you make up your mind or not but my mother used to have cortisone injections for arthritis in her hands and she reported very good results (although the injection does hurt) due to the entry site but the result was worth it! Hope that this may help you in some way.

Answer 2: My mum has had cortisone injections for tennis elbow and says the results are very good, although it’s not a cure as it came back again after a year or two so she had another one and is OK so far. Not sure how it works but it can be relieving, the only down side was that her GP had to wait for it to be really bad before she would do the injection.

Answer 3: I had a cortisone injection for the tennis elbow part of my RSI and it did not help…  In general one must be careful with cortisone injections as if you get more than 3 in one spot in your lifetime the tendon is likely to tear (they weaken the structure of the tendon).

Answer 4: You should also get in contact with a chiropractor. It could be that the pains and numbness and fingers are caused by compression of the nerves at the top of the spine, often caused by poor posture.

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