Has anyone had experience of the Esselte Anir ergonomic mouse?

Question: Has anyone had experience of the Esselte Anir ergonomic mouse? It looks like a joystick.

Answer: I have a couple of evaluation mice from Esselte. They put your hand in  a neutral handshake position, but you’ll still need to watch your wrist  angle somewhat with use. As they are not adjustable, try it to see if the thumb placement is comfortable for you and you are not extending your thumb out of its normal position to use the rocker buttons on top. Their website has some information of the studies they’ve done with their design to reduce muscle strain with mouse use.

The Anir mouse basically forces you to use the larger muscle groups of the arm to move it (which is frequently recommended by ergonomists to avoid overuse of smaller muscle groups). By doing this there is loss of the finer finger-movement associated with detailed mouse positioning. They have a new driver for their mouse also that may help with setting the cursor movement to a level needed for the type of computer work being done. I personally have not had the time to download the driver and play with it yet.

Some comments I’ve heard about mouse designs is that they should not  lock you into a set posture, but allow both the full hand/arm movement  as well as anchoring the wrist on the table and moving the mouse with  the fingers for fine cursor work.

I suppose a TrackPoint device (those little pencil eraser sized joysticks) could be considered one, but it changes the cursor’s travel speed based  on the relative amount of pressure placed on it.

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