Healing Back Pain Naturally

Question: I am reading a book by Dr Art Brownstein called Healing Back Pain Naturally. From the reviews on Amazon I thought it sounded good. I wrote to him asking him if his book would be useful for rsi. He said in so far as my symptoms are caused by the neck then yes. But his book is very good in that he looks at the role of the mind and the mind body connection. I recommend checking out the book at Amazon.

Answer 1: I have the book and have read it, now I have to start putting it to practice. Yes, I agree, it is an inspiring book, especially when you read all the antics he got up to as a young med student/doc. He knows of which he speaks. Also, I long ago, started reading books on other pains not only RSI (back is the big one, and more books around on that one) because there are common threads, not least of which is the chronic pain issue. Arthritis books help too. But, as always, no cure, just a help.

Oh yes, reason I splashed out and got Brownstein’s book, is that Bernie Segal gave it a good recommendation, and I love his stuff on mind-body … again, Segals’ experience research seems to be mainly with cancer vis a vis mind-body, but has plenty for us in it too. Both wonderful men, as far as I can see, and Segal, in particular, can move me to tears.

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