Has anyone heard of ViaVoice by IBM ?

Question: Has anyone heard of ViaVoice by IBM ?

Answer 1: I use Via Voice Millennium Pro at work – it is much better than the earlier version with improved voice recognition and it can be used in all Microsoft applications – the old version could only be used in word. In my experience it takes a while to get used to it – but it’s worth the time investment – if you’d like more info please contact me

Answer 2: I use VV Millennium Pro. Never used any other VR software so don’t know how it compares. Use it coz I’m a lawyer and it is targeted at lawyers, with specialist vocab. Wouldn’t be without it (except today when I am in a different office and using a truly abysmal clickety-clackety keyboard that is only marginally less harmful than whacking my hands repeatedly with a mallet so will sign off now)

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