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Question: While we are on the subjects of alternative medicine hope you do not mind me asking but have you explored any at a spiritual level?

 Answer 1: This is one of those remedies that many are skeptical about. I am a great believer in spiritualism and I do attend an open circle when possible. I have noticed recently that I feel very relaxed when in the church and afterwards. Many of you on the list may scoff at this, but in one session I felt a pair of hands resting on my shoulders and the tension melted away.
I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who is non-believer’, unless you go into it with an open mind. All churches I know of have ‘spiritual healing’ sessions and anyone can attend; you don’t have to be member of the church. However, I have had several sessions for previous ailments and haven’t felt any benefits.
I think this one is for the individual to decide. Like anyone who has a faith of any nature, it can bring a sense of up liftman or calm etc. I have also had several Reiki healing sessions and actually felt awful after each one. The healer didn’t even touch me, but I felt achy all over and had a terrible headache afterwards. Apparently, this is normal after your first session, but it happened to me each time – personally, I prefer a good massage. Like all treatments, we are all looking for anything that will benefit our RSI and I’m sure many of us will try anything.

Answer 2: Also, you could try looking at the National Federation of Spiritual Healers’ website – sorry don’t remember it but their email address for admin. Is office@nfsh.org.uk, and you can request spiritual healing over the internet. You have to fill out a form with a few details; they also ask you keep them updated. Each “session” you ask for lasts 6 weeks,but you can ask again if you feel you need to.
They’re not a church but an association of healers – you don’t have to believe in any religion to benefit, although many religions do believe in healing.  Also, as they’re a voluntary organization, I felt it only right to send them a small donation for their time and trouble. PS – I didn’t ask for myself as I had had spiritual healing before and though I think it helped a lot mentally, physically I still have RSI.  However, the person I asked for healing for has not got any worse and the lump has not re-appeared.

Answer 3: I am an NFSH healer. The feelings you felt after your Reiki healing is probably due to the shortness of training and lack of experience of many Reiki healers, you can become a Reiki healer in a weekend! The common problem is that people are not left ‘grounded’ which fits your symptoms. To be an NFSH healer you have to be recommended by a full healer, attend 2 years of probation, prove you have healed by producing signed case notes AND endure a rigorous exam. The policies and rules are also VERY strict.

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