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Question: Has anyone tried homeopathic treatments-specifically rhus tox for tenosynovitis/tendonitis?

Answer 1: I’ve taken a homeopathic remedy but not for RSI. it was for a bad sinus headache. A pharmacist who knew about homeopathy suggested it and advised on the precise remedy for me. This is from Net Doctor and thank goodness!  http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/  it’s more or less what I was going to say except I didn’t know homeopathy was used for RSI which is the same remedy was suggested to me for a migraine-type sinus headache.
Homeopathic remedies are not drugs but I personally would be unhappy about taking them with drugs, even though the GP on Net Doctor thinks it’s OK. If I were you I’d follow this up . It’s from the Web Page The Homeopathic Trust can tell you if there is a medically trained homeopathy in your area if you contact them on the above website.

Answer 2: Homeo. Remedies are harmless in the majority of cases but are preferably taken when properly prescribed; there are three H. societies, one of which will list local GPs who practice H. You can spend hours with them so it is advisable to find somebody you feel comfortable with and one with adequate quails. There is no reason why you can not take them with existing medication in the prescribed form but they are not likely to be effective if you have had any steroid injections.

Answer 3: I visited a homeopath who gave me Rhus Tox for tenosynovitis .  it did absolutely nothing for me , but I was later told I didn’t have tenosynovitis, so there you go!Both me and my partner have used homeopathic remedies for other ailments and found them to be useful in the main.Make sure you ask someone who is trained,  because you can buy these remedies in most chemists/health food shops, but someone who knows what they’re doing will ask you questions about your symptoms etc. and may provide more  than one remedy, or a combination to best suit your symptoms.   If you don’t want to take more pills, try the cream/gel and apply it directly to the painful areas.This worked wonders on my partner’s swollen arthritic joints.


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  1. Homeopathy literally saved me from the hell I was going through.

    I had Repetitive Stress Injury, where my arms were sore every day by end of day. Pain used to run from forearms to elbows. My shoulders used to have sharp shooting pains due to usage of Mouse.

    Doctors diagnosed it as Tendinitis.I used to apply Ice packs before going to bed. Gone through several Physio therapy sessions to “strengthen” muscles.

    Gone to some of the best sports medicine doctors out there, including to the one who used to treat players of “Dallas Cowboys”, the football team of Dallas.

    Six years passed by, with this pain with out any result. Yes that is 6 years of pain ..with no hope in sight.

    Finally I tried Homeopathy ….The pain went away like a magic….

    The medicine is called “Bellis Perennis”, it is made from a common plant called “English Daisy” a wild plant that is very commonly seen.

    I have taken it three times in one day. Yes one day, for three times. ( 1m potency, 3 times in one day )

    That’s it….

    It is up to you to decide, whether to argue about the validity of Homeopathy or to go out and try….

    As a standard disclaimer, I am required to say that , please consult your Homeopathy doctor.

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