How quickly can RSI develop

Question:  Sorry for all the questions, especially since you’ve all got to use a keyboard/mouse to read them *g* How quickly can RSI develop. My reason for asking is this, I’ve been programming for over 15 years and never had a RSI problem, only inthe last few months has it really become apparent, could this have not been caused my something simple, i.e.: changing desks/chairs etc ? Or, has my hand simply had enough 🙂 ?

Answer 1: I’ve been programming for just over year and developed it about two months ago.

Answer 2: Your questions can be read and answered without a keyboard or mouse (or being able to see a screen, but that isn’t relevant here).

Speed of development of RSI.

1) you should know that by the time symptoms appear, you’ve had RSI for a while (that may depend on the kind of RSI you have; it’s true of mine)

2) leaving that problem aside, yes, you can certainly program for 15 years and only then develop the symptoms of RSI, otoh, it can appear far more quickly. I computed a lot for years before getting the symptoms (but a fairly massive amount of over-computing seems to have spurred it/caused it); but I’ve taught students who got it after wordprocessing all their assignments and websurfing etc. for a far smaller length of time.

I said I’d post this evening about voice software and programming but as other people have recommended voice software programs I’ll just say I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking  Professional 4 and Preferred 5, and refer you to an home page that’s independent of the companies and whose owner’s preferences are (for good reason) not given there,

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