It was during the examination that he remarked I was hypermobile (double-jointed in other words), which was news to me! I wasn’t actually aware my fingers would bend in certain directions until he tried it. I’d like to add to everyone else that there is light at the end of the tunnel – well, in my case, anyway. After a good two and a half years, my RSI is finally improving apace. I had my benefit cut by the DSS a few weeks ago because I didn’t satisfy the All-Work Test, which galvanised me into doing things I’d been avoiding for ages because they hurt, but which I can now do without too much discomfort. In fact, I am now keeping my eye out for a part-time job (and I’m determined it won’t be in an office).

Comment 1: I’m hypermobile too and have similar good news. My self diagnosis is that the tendons on the back of my hands were damaged by overuse and are very vulnerable. My hands were hurting or uncomfortable most of the time. 6 weeks ago an occupational therapist made me some “resting splints”. On the advice of my cranial osteopath I have been wearing these every night. She said I would need to do this for a month to feel the benefit. After one week my hands were so much better. Now it is three weeks on, and my hands feel pretty normal most of the time, (which means I can actually forget about them!). Now I just need to get my neck / shoulder pain sorted out! Best wishes to all.

Comment 2: It’s funny how my troubles have been improving since the DSS dropped me – maybe the stress of having to fit their requirements had some effect on me. It’s so nice to be able to do things for myself again. I’ve found that there are few things more frustrating than having to rely on other people, especially as I’m dreadfully impatient! One of the best developments is that I can go back to my creative writing – I’m doing almost as much as I could before the injury, when inspiration strikes. For the first six months (a while ago now, thank goodness) I could barely hold a pen, which for me was heartbreaking, as I like to draw, too. I found it incredibly difficult to occupy myself – my parents got cable TV so I’d have something to do during the day (overlooking the fact that daytime TV seems to be aimed at the brain-dead most of the time!). My only worry is that I have a 12 year old cousin who is really, really flexible (I swear her bones are made of rubber!), but we only see her in the school holidays and it’s difficult to make her aware of the dangers. In this computer age, I think schools should be teaching kids about the problems that overuse of computers can bring. I wish I’d known I was hypermobile before this happened – I might’ve taken more care at work.

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