I had a carpal tunnel release in both hands three years ago my doctors do not recognize rsi

Question: I am experiencing extreme pain in my wrists and hands I have trouble holding a pen or anything for more than five minutes but the worse thing of all is first thing in the morning  when I wake  my hands do not move at all  they are solid with pins and needles  I had a carpal tunnel release in both hands three years ago my doctors do not recognize rsi.Can anyone offer any word of advice

Answer 1: It may be that you have an infection of Chlamydia pneumoniae. And maybe this is not the cause. Your doctor will have to determine that. One of the symptoms is numbness in the hands upon awakening that shortly disappears. There is a blood test for the bacteria. It is a very common bacteria & most of us acquire it sometime during our lifetime. Search in www.yahoo.com for Chlamydia pneumoniae.  The infection is readily treated with high doses of antibiotics, but tends to recur often. If this is your problem you will at least get temporary reprieves until you once again pick up the germ.

A vaccine would be nice to have against this bacteria. It would save the human race a lot of grief & money.  See if your symptoms disappear while you are on antibiotics for another illness. I think tetracycline is one of the antibiotics that is used on C. pneumoniae. Merck may have a treatment listed for the bacteria.  Also search for Dr. Luther Lindner in the search engines. He is researching this bacteria and others. He will take in blood for testing from your neurologist, but he is in the USA.

Answer 2: I fully sympathize with your situation, I have carpal tunnel problems in right arm and hand, the feeling of numbness and tingling is worse than the pain for me.  I am no expert either, but I am certain that CTS can return after surgery, particularly if the original causes were not disposed and rectified, i.e. if you are using a computer or other source of RSI and made few or insufficient modifications to prevent the problem.  When you say your Doctors are not recognizing RSI, do you mean they do not believe in it’s existence, or that they cannot find the symptoms?

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